HeadsUp Agile Pro

HeadsUp Agile was created to increase the efficiency of software development teams and ease the process of delivering quality software. By taking a fresh look at how developers, testers and project managers could work better together we created a system where all members of a team are aware of what is required, what is happening, and when important events occur without needing regular meetings or catchup sessions.

HeadsUp Agile accomplishes these ideals by being aware of every aspect of the development process. Project information is presented through graphs and reports for project managers and using activity logs and notifications for software engineers. Even customers gain benefit from teams using HeadsUp Agile as the continuous delivery enables seamless deployment of your products from enterprise system to mobile applications.

All your development support tools HeadsUp Agile provides all the tools that developers need to keep track of their work. Issue tracking, milestones and documentation spaces, source code browsing and changesets, repositories and file storage and a continuous integration and delivery server.
Manage your projects with ease With all of your projects in one place you add users or make configuration changes to every application at once. Monitoring file changes allows application data to always be up to date and for changes to relate to the issues they resolve.
Simple to integrate all your projects By just pointing HeadsUp Agile to your version control system you can import all your code with a couple of clicks. Using numerous data recognition algorithms Agile will then load your project settings so you don't have to re-type all this information.
Complete analysis and reporting By integrating project management features alongside your development tools HeadsUp Agile is able to report on project burndowns, developer productivity and the chance you will hit your next important software milestone!
Everything on your desk, tablet or the bus Wherever you are, writing code at your desk, updating documentation in a meeting room or updating your issue statuses on the move HeadsUp Agile is there for you. It's mobile ready user interface works everywhere you do.