The setup steps are pretty simple, but they are outlined here for clarity:

EULA (License Agreement)

You are presented with the basic agreement for the beta testing, if you agree then click the "I accept the terms..." checkbox and click "Continue".

Configure Database

The default database should be suitable for most peope testing the software - if you are not sure just click "Save"

If you would like to use your own MySQL database then you will need to create the database and allocate all permissions to a user account. Then click on the "h2" drop down choice and choose "mysql". You will need to enter your database details to the other fields of the database configuration panel and click "Save" - the installation will then restart using your database.

If you use your own database please ensure that these details are correct before clicking "Save"!

Software Updates

For beta testing you should click "Check for Pre-Release Updates" checkbox and enter the username and password that you used to download the software. Entering your details here will mean that future updates will be found automatically and you will be informed when the update should be performed. You can leave this area blank but you will need to go back to the HeadsUp Development site to download new versions.

Note that this beta software expires periodically which will require an update to be downloaded. This software update option will handle the upgrades for you.

Create Admin

The last step is to create an administrator. The first user in the system will be the system administrator who will be able to add projects, create users and configure the installation. We recommend that you do not use a regular users details for this account as it should only be used for administration.

Future user accounts should be created with a username that matches the subversion accounts for optimal integration and traceability.

Once you have created an administrator you will be asked to log in and your setup will be complete! Before we add a project to the system it is a good idea to check that the system configuration is suitable for your installation.