HeadsUp Agile Pre-release Downloads

Welcome to the HeadsUp Agile pre-release downloads. This page is reserved for use by authorised members of the testing program, if you know someone who is interested in the program or you would like to give them access then please have them sign up for their own account.

We have a quickstart page that runs through the installation and setup but for the impatient just follow this list:

  • Download the most recent package from the list below and unpack it
  • Open a terminal and change to the created directory
  • Run the ./bin/agile.sh script
  • Point your web browser at http://localhost:8069/ and follow the instructions

More details are available in the readme.txt file inside the downloaded package

2.0-beta-1 arrives posted 18 Nov 2012 12:27 by Andrew Williams

Download file: agilepro-2.0-beta-1.tar.gz

Finally here, the beta-1 release marks the first official demo of the Agile Pro 2.0 system. Various bug fixes, listed below, bring a more polished experience that takes us from alpha to beta status.

  • Add footer text for email notifications
  • Update membership and permission screens
  • Better styling to burndown legends and headings
  • Add an hours with fraction string formatter
  • Show accounts their own velocity info
  • Better styling of a more compact resource table and burndown graph labels

Licenses are now 'demo' which means they are limited to 60 days use rather than expiring at a particular date.