HeadsUp Agile Pre-release Downloads

Welcome to the HeadsUp Agile pre-release downloads. This page is reserved for use by authorised members of the testing program, if you know someone who is interested in the program or you would like to give them access then please have them sign up for their own account.

We have a quickstart page that runs through the installation and setup but for the impatient just follow this list:

  • Download the most recent package from the list below and unpack it
  • Open a terminal and change to the created directory
  • Run the ./bin/agile.sh script
  • Point your web browser at http://localhost:8069/ and follow the instructions

More details are available in the readme.txt file inside the downloaded package

Second release candidate fixing the known issues before release posted 23 Nov 2013 22:40 by Andrew Williams

Download file: agilepro-2.0-rc2.tar.gz

The second release candidate for HeadsUp AgilePro 2.0 focuses on fixing any remaining issues but also adds the following features:

  • Move the "begin" issue page to a button so it's optional
  • Change ordering of page titles to view real content on browser tabs
  • Autocomplete issue titles when creating relationships
  • Add CocoaPods info to XCode projects - fixes issue:44
  • Add a burndown details page for reporting the daily statistics on active milestones
  • Add a permission denied page rather than always rendering a login screen
  • Hide projects in the menu and project list screen that the user does not have permission to view
  • Add a configuration for the frequency of changeset loading
  • Add support for Xcode 5 test handling

The main issues addressed include:

  • Fix an issue where progressing an issue can appear to alter the time remaining incorrectly
  • Don't reset the platform in an xcode project unless the info file is being parsed
  • Fix some velocity calculations
  • Fix random ordering of durationworkeds if times match
  • Fix issue where restricted users could not edit their own details
  • Fix issue where build change list was showing complete history when revision before is recent
  • Fix an issue that would cause builds started through the interface to delay in starting
  • Fix an issue where searches with a duplicate term could fail to render
  • Fix issue where resourcing was not plotted if no issues were added to a milestone
  • Fix an issue where text markup could link words ending in :

Please report any issues you have with this release so we can address them before the final 2.0 build.