HeadsUp Agile Pre-release Downloads

Welcome to the HeadsUp Agile pre-release downloads. This page is reserved for use by authorised members of the testing program, if you know someone who is interested in the program or you would like to give them access then please have them sign up for their own account.

We have a quickstart page that runs through the installation and setup but for the impatient just follow this list:

  • Download the most recent package from the list below and unpack it
  • Open a terminal and change to the created directory
  • Run the ./bin/agile.sh script
  • Point your web browser at http://localhost:8069/ and follow the instructions

More details are available in the readme.txt file inside the downloaded package

2.1 beta3 adds avatars to quickly recognise accounts posted 31 Dec 2014 15:21 by Andrew Williams

Download file: agilepro-2.1-beta3.tar.gz

Beta3 for the 2.1 release a great new feature to include avatars in most pages and listings. There are various bug fixes and other smaller features added as we head towards a 2.1 release.
The full list of changes is as follows:

  • Add Gravatars to user references and allow individuals to decide if they should be displayed
  • Add additional filters by date for issues and milestones
  • Change the 'remember be' to be on by default
  • Work around a known bug in the iOS 8 install manager
  • Fix issue where android app would not correctly be detected if there was lots of whitespace in .project file
  • Improve the robustness of comment parsing in Xcode files for project metadata

Please report any issues you encounter and let us know if there are further ehancements you would like to see with these new features.