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HeadsUp Agile release 1.0 - available now! posted 02 Jun 2011 00:22 by Andrew Williams

HeadsUp Agile's first release (download here) brings all the tools of Software Engineering and Project Management to all your team members in one easy to use web based application. The HeadsUp system runs on any Unix OS and monitors your source control for code and project metadata. Combining change monitoring, task tracking and progress analytics your development progress will be clearer and faster than ever before

Features include:

  • Source control systems SVN, Git and Mercurial
  • Hierarchical project metadata from Maven, Ant + Ivy, Xcode and Eclipse
  • Continuous Integration for Maven, XCode, Eclipse, Ant and command line
  • AdHoc provisioning of iOS and Android mobile apps
  • Manage Documents, Issues, Milestones and Builds
  • Burndown graphs, project and developer activity charts
  • Browse and download source files and deployed artifacts
  • Project history and cross-summary views
  • Context highlighted search for all stored data

This release comes with a 90 day free trial from the day it is installed. If you are interested in using HeadsUp Agile for longer check our pricing page, sign up to our testing program or contact the HeadsUp team directly.

We hope you enjoy our product - come back and see us again soon